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Product Description:

WELquotes provides a collection of more than 100 original and compelling quotes by Louise LeBrun, creator of the WEL-Systems® approach – a powerful new paradigm for ongoing accelerated evolution.

Are you ready to wake up to new ways of considering your life? Are you looking for ways to remind you that you are so much more than your challenges and opportunities? Are you seeking a different type of app that is always ready to give you something to think about? If you answer ‘YES” to these questions, then you’re ready to begin living your life by intention rather than by accident!

The WELquotes app:

  • inspires you to remember that you are pure potential, waiting to be expressed;
  • motivates you to go beyond your perceived limitations to embrace the greater truth that calls to you from inside… where you live…. ; and
  • provokes you into taking the action that will help you carve out a more meaningful and compelling life!

Each life-enriching quote is accompanied by original photographs by Louise Lafleur, an emerging wilderness photographer whose often haunting images evoke those vast, inner landscapes that allow us to be free of the illusion of boundaries and limitations.

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A random quote is presented each time you start the WELquotes app.

A shake, or selecting the random quote icon, presents a new random quote.

A horizontal swipe allows you to browse the selected category / topic. (All Categories is the default selection)

You can add/remove quotes associated with the Favourites category

Share a quote via email

The WELquotes app does not require connection to the internet to work – you can get quotes and photographs anytime any where.

Additional quotes are available for purchase. Each purchase adds more than 50 topic-specific quotes and additional photographs.

More than 100 quotes come with the initial purchase. The quotes are grouped together in the following categories:

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Provocative
  • Leadership
  • Relationships

When you are ready for more, you can obtain additional quotes as part of an ‘in-app’ upgrade. For each specific upgrade topic area, there are more than 50 additional quotes and a selection of additional photographs available for:

  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Accelerated Evolution

The WEL-Systems® approach is a proven pathway to profoundly alter

the way you see your ‘self’, your world and the way you move through that world.

WEL-Systems® is a registered trademark of Louise LeBrun, WEL-Systems Institute

Visit the WEL-Systems Institute web site

Visit the author, Louise LeBrun‘s web site.

Louise LeBrun

experiences for Evolution by Intention™

A visionary and an activist, Louise is a provocative thinker, author, speaker, educator and Awakened Living Coach. Her unwavering commitment to her own evolution has been the key to maintaining a cutting-edge perspective on human evolution. Her willingness to transform her personal discoveries into simple and accessible processes for others makes it possible for you to accelerate your own evolution with less effort and outstanding results.

Louise is the author of five books and more than 30 audio products. Her Emerging Futures retreats and certification intensives propel people into becoming the full expression of their authentic Selves – moving from states of hope and longing to rich and rewarding experiences of living out loud!

Visit her website at: LouiseLeBrun.com

Connect with her on Facebook

Listen to her weekly radio show Reclaiming Your Self




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